VIP Sessions with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW by Jennifer Bronsnick

VIP Sessions with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW


Wow, what an impact coaching with Jennifer made on my life. Now, after a year of studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I've opened my own office! My husband and I work alongside each other at The Center for Healing. It's truly amazing the transformation my life has taken. I'm even writing a book!  All of this is possible because of the work we did together. Thank you!
Pamela Miles,

What's Included?

  • One 60 minute Advanced Human Design reading and Human Design charts for your entire family.  If you have already had a reading then this will be a Quantum Alignment session.
  • Five 30-minute coaching sessions which can focus on transforming your mind, body and spirit.  We might address parenting concerns, burnout, resiliency skills  or how to grow an aligned business.
  • A hard copy of Jennifer's book, Thriving Mama: 10 Secrets for Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit from Burnout.