Holistic Wellness & Burnout

Burnout to Bliss: Unlocking Your Unique Energy for Well-Being

In our culture we are led to believe that to be a “good” mom we need to put our children’s and family’s needs as our #1 priority; even if it means putting ourselves on the back burner. When you add in sleepless nights, raising a child with any kind of difficulty (they all have one), plus work or volunteering, it’s a perfect recipe for maternal burnout. Let's change that.

Thriving Mama Blueprint: Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit From Anxiety & Burnout

Mama, Are you feeling depleted, overwhelmed or anxious?? You are NOT alone! This 12-week program has been specifically designed to help you to take care of yourself so YOU can feel GREAT again.

Holistic Wellness Package with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW

HTMA Analysis and Coaching Session