What Do You Do If Your Child Has Lice During the #Coronacrisis?? by Jennifer Bronsnick

What Do You Do If Your Child Has Lice During the #Coronacrisis??

Don't Stress. You can take care of it at home.

The minute you hear the word "lice", your heart starts racing and the first thought that pops into your head, is “Oh $hit”.  

NO ONE likes lice. It’s a pain in the butt. The idea of bugs on your kid’s (or your own) head grosses you out. I totally understand. I have 3 kids and we have survived having lice couple times.

Unfortunately, during social distancing heading to your usual lice removal center might not be an option.  The great news is that this E-Book will walk you through the exact process I have used to treat head lice without freaking out OR using toxic pesticides.

Repeat after me, "This is NOT a crisis and having lice is a problem I can solve". 

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When my husband first saw a bug I felt like I wanted to scream! I was feeling increasingly nervous and grossed out. I also never had experience with it before so I had no idea where to start or what steps I needed to take. 

After Jennifer walked me through her process, I had calmed down and felt like I had a clear sense of what to do and how to handle it. I was still a little nervous, but I felt more confident and in control of the situation. 
Kim C. Queens, NY