Think Your Child Might Have Lice?? by Jennifer Bronsnick

Think Your Child Might Have Lice??

You go to check your email and there it is.  Subject Line: There is a case of head lice in your child’s class. Your heart starts racing and the first thought that pops into your head, is “Oh $hit”.

NO ONE likes lice. It’s a pain in the butt. The idea of bugs on your kid’s (or your own) head grosses you out. I totally understand. I have 3 kids and we have survived having lice couple times.

This E-Book will walk you through the exact process I have used to treat head lice without freaking out OR using toxic pesticides.

Repeat after me, "This is NOT a crisis and having lice is a problem I can solve". 

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When my husband first saw a bug I felt like I wanted to scream! I was feeling increasingly nervous and grossed out. I also never had experience with it before so I had no idea where to start or what steps I needed to take. 

After Jennifer walked me through her process, I had calmed down and felt like I had a clear sense of what to do and how to handle it. I was still a little nervous, but I felt more confident and in control of the situation. 
Kim C. Queens, NY