In this video, Jennifer reviews the signs that can help parents to determine when it's time to get more support to address their child's worries. 

You can also take this quiz to assess your child's symptoms and get more answers:

or Book a Complimentary Call with Jennifer to share your specific concerns about your child.  Schedule your time HERE.

If you are seeing behaviors like cutting, or talk of self-harm, these are very concerning and you should find a therapist ASAP at 

Make sure that the professional you choose specializes in childhood anxiety.  You will want to ask questions like:  Do you provide homework between sessions and are parents included in the sessions?  The answers should always be YES!

The Anxiety-Proof Kids Roadmap

A 100% at Home Training Program for Parents Who are Concerned About Their Child's Anxiety


YOU hold the Key to Helping Your Child Thrive."

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