Anxiety-Proof Kids by Jennifer Bronsnick

Anxiety-Proof Kids

Six Essential Skills for Good Mental Health

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Are you often worried about your child & their ability to cope??

Do any of these statements sound like something your kid might say??

  • "My stomach hurts I don't want to go to school (or a friends house... any where other than home)."
  • "What if someone laughs at me? What if I throw up?"
  • "I wanted to go to soccer/dance/party, but now I don't feel good."
  • "What if I embarrass myself?"
  • "What if (fill in the blank)......"
  • "I don't want to sleep in my own bed."
  • "I don't like dogs/spiders/blood/shots."

    Maybe your child doesn't say anything about their fears, but has frequent meltdowns or angry outbursts when they have to do anything uncomfortable or new.

Maybe YOU have anxiety and would do anything to ensure that you don't pass it down to your kids.

There are strategies you can learn to make sure YOU and Your Child don't suffer.   
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1 in 3 kids will be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Left untreated, anxiety can lead to depression, substance abuse and suicide. We CAN fix this. THERE IS HOPE!

What is Anxiety Proofing??

When our kids are babies, we child proof our home by setting boundaries with locked cabinets and baby gates. We don't get rid of everything that could be dangerous or hurt them. We child proof to give our kids space to explore their world safely.

Similarly, anxiety proofing is NOT about getting rid of anything. It's all about setting boundaries with the worries in our kids' mind. Anxiety proofing is about giving kids the gift of exploring their world and knowing exactly how to manage fear WHEN it shows up. 

After this workshop, parents will walk away knowing how anxiety works (and how to talk about it with your kid), with simple exercises to increase resiliency and increased peace of mind that they can help their child THRIVE.  
"It was the best way I've spent an hour in a long time. Lots of takeaways and tools to use. Plus some new understandings of the brain, both neurologically and psychologically speaking."   

"Jennifer is wonderful to work with.  Working with her has helped me to improve my communication with my children."

You Will Learn...

  • What is making your kid worry?  Were they born that way or is it the environment??
  • Awareness of safety chatter ("be careful, slow down, watch out!") and what we can do instead.
  • Why accommodating your child's worries is backfiring and how to stop without losing your mind.
  • The Six Essential Skills kids (and adults) need to have for a good mental health
  • Six age appropriate exercises to use with your family.
  • How to feel confident in your ability to ensure your child's has adequate coping skills and good mental health.

What is Included?

  • 90-Minute Anxiety Proof Kids Workshop + Lifetime access to the training
  • Instant Access to Mini-Classes so you can re-listen to the content easily or if you're short on time you can just watch these classes.
  • Live Group Coaching with Jennifer (For LIVE events ONLY)
  • Handouts and Exercise Checklist so you can implement anxiety-proofing in your family
  • Life-time access to the recording and invitation to join any future LIVE Anxiety-Proof Kids Presentations for free.
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Not Sure If You Should Be Concerned About Your Child's Worries?


About Your Teacher

Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Certified Child & Adolescent Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional & CEO of The Mindful Family is passionate about supporting families to heal from burnout, manage anxiety and become resilient. 

Jennifer’s years of experience as a clinical social worker and her own personal healing journey gives her a unique ability to support others in living their best life.

What's included?

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Anxiety-Proof Kids LIVE October 28th @ 12:30pm EST (90 Minute Class)
Anxiety Proof Kids Presentation Slides
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Anxiety-Proof Kids Class Recording
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Short On Time? Anxiety-Proof Kids (Mini Classes)
Welcome Message from Jennifer
7 mins
Should I Worry About My Child's Worries?
11 mins
What Parents Can Do to Help Their Child
6 mins
What To Do When Anxiety Shows Up
7 mins
The Process of Anxiety
7 mins
The Worry Part
5 mins
The Cognitive Patterns
12 mins
The Family Exercises
21 mins
Putting It All Together
6 mins
Handouts and Exercises
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The Family Exercises Handout
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Family Storytelling
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