The Anxiety-Proof Kids Roadmap by Jennifer Bronsnick

The Anxiety-Proof Kids Roadmap

Teaching Parents How to Address Family Anxiety & Raise Resilient Children

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Have you ever found yourself praying for a miracle cure to take your child's worries away?

If ANY of these statements ring true for you it might be time to get support to invest in learning how to teach them skills they need for a resilient life.

  • I am concerned about my child’s fears.
  • My child seems upset often and unable to rebound from stress.
  • I often have to accommodate my child’s requests, or they freak out.
  • My child gets overwhelmed easily.
  • Anxiety runs in our family.
  • I dread being around my child.
  • I have no idea how to teach my child to be resilient.

Maybe you have anxiety and would do anything to ensure that you don't pass it down to your kids.

You can breathe a sigh of relief because there are strategies you can learn to make sure YOU and your child don't suffer.   
While genetics play a role in the development of anxiety, research shows is that it's parental behavior that has a BIGGER impact.  

This means that there is HOPE.

The most loving and caring parents have kids that struggle with anxiety. Please don’t feel that your child’s difficulties have anything to do with your parenting abilities! Raising resilient kids often goes against our natural instincts and it’s just a matter of learning the process.
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It won't happen overnight, but there are steps you can follow in order to increase coping skills AND your enjoyment of parenting.

  1. It is essential that YOU are doing your own healing with your anxiety and personal triggers.  Understanding your strengths as well as what your struggles are.  Anxiety is a family problem and every single one of us has times in our life where our “worry part” shows up.  Being a role model for your child is one of the most powerful ways to support them.
  2. Our child needs to know they are loved and accepted. That having worries means NOTHING about who they are as a person.  
  3. They need to know how fear works in the body and that it's a normal part of life. 
  4. We need to find out what motivates them so they will try and do the thing they fear.  We will use and role model exercises that teach the SIX awesome cognitive strategies for mental well-being. 
  5. Finally, it is important to celebrate and keep track of their successes tolerating their feelings.  It is essential to document and celebrate the wins in the moment when our body is relaxed, rather than wait until worry shows up to remind your child of the fact that they have done this before.  They won’t remember!

Repeat this process over and over.  
"I just wanted to say thank you. I LOVED the master class and learned so much. My 5-year-old was very excited to go trick or treating but when we pulled up and parked the car and she saw all the people she freaked out and didn't want to go. She wanted to stay in the car or go home. It broke my heart. I took her hand and told her “there is part of you called Mr. Worry who is trying to take away your fun. We need to tell him that we don't need him right now and that it’s okay to be scared and I will go with you”. I held her hand and went up to every house with her. Thank you!!"

You Will Learn

How to to explain to your child about their worry part and how fear works in the mind/body.

Why accommodating your child's worries is backfiring and how to stop without losing your mind.

The Six Essential Skills kids (and adults) need to have for a good mental health.

Six age appropriate exercises to use with your family.

How to use storytelling (bibliotherapy) to teach your child the lessons you are hoping to instill in them.

How to feel confident in your ability to ensure your child's has adequate coping skills and good mental health so you can enjoy life again.

What is Included?

  • 60-Minute Anxiety Proof Kids Workshop where you will learn the step by step process for raising resilient children.
  • Instant Access to Mini-Classes so you can re-listen to the content easily or if you're short on time you can just watch these classes.
  • Anxiety-Proof Kids Roadmap Workbook + Exercises to teach and engage your child so they become an APK Master (Anxiety-Proof Kids Master)
  • Life-time access to the recording and invitation to join any future LIVE Anxiety-Proof Kids Presentations for free.
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About Your Teacher

Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Certified Child & Adolescent Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional & CEO of The Mindful Family is passionate about supporting families to heal from burnout, manage anxiety and become resilient. 

Jennifer’s years of experience as a clinical social worker and her own personal healing journey gives her a unique ability to support others in living their best life.