Anxiety-Proof Kids 30-Day Intensive by Jennifer Bronsnick

Anxiety-Proof Kids 30-Day Intensive

A 4-Week 1-1 Program for Parents who are Committed to Raising Resilient Children

Do Worries Like These Keep You Up at Night?

  • Am I passing my anxiety on to my child?  
  • I have an important meeting tomorrow. What if my child refuses to go to school again?  
  • What if my child is called on in class and they start to cry, then someone makes fun of them?
  • What if I'm late to work because my child has a stomachache..... again?
  • What if they don't learn the coping skills they need to handle stress and start to use drugs or alcohol to get through the day?
  • What if they never want to leave my house?

Maybe your BIG "what if" is that you are failing as a parent because you don't know the best way to help your child manage big emotions, like fear.


It is exhausting parenting a child who struggles with anxiety and fears.  I believe that you are doing your best and there is hope for your family.  Unfortunately, there isn't one book or 101 class that can prepare you for all the skills you need to help your child figure this out.  Seriously, who has the time to invest in hours of study??  But I know that you would do anything to ensure your child won't struggle like you did growing up. 

Anxiety-Proof Kids was designed so that parent's can have a nurturing + safe space to learn and feel supported by an expert.   It is where you can get the tools you need in just minutes a day rather than hours in therapy. 


  • Feel isolated or alone.
  • Think that you're a crappy Mom.
  • Feel like you don't have your shit together.
  • Stay up every night worrying about whether your kid will be ok.
  • Feel hopeless about your child's meltdowns or fears


In the Anxiety-Proof Kids Intensive you will learn everything you need to know to help your child THRIVE.  You will no longer feel like you are failing your child.  You will no longer lose sleep worrying.  You will be 100% clear on what is making anxiety worse and the skills you need to cope in the moment.   You will believe that YOU are a good parent and no longer feel that nagging sense of guilt.

A year of family therapy can cost thousands of dollars, but I believe that parents shouldn't have to choose between taking a vacation or getting the support they need.

In Anxiety-Proof Kids Intensive you get access to:

  • Two Private Coaching sessions with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW because your child and family is unique and you deserve a custom approach to your situation.  After our sessions you will walk away feeling confident in your ability to help your child to be resilient and a concrete plan on how to support them moving forward.
  • 30 Days of unlimited Voxer support from Jennifer. It's like having her in your back pocket whenever you need support or have a question.
  • Lifetime Access to the Anxiety-Proof Kids content for ALL age groups.
  • Human Design Charts for your entire family and information about how to best communicate with each type.
  • 50% Discount off a membership in the Anxiety-Proof Kids Parent Alliance so you can continue to get the support you need and reminders to use the skills you have learned.
PLUS one Hair Mineral Analysis from Trace Elements to assess whether there is any biological cause for your child's anxiety and the option to upgrade to add an additional HTMA test and protocol to find out this information for yourself as well. 

Anxiety DOES NOT Need to be a Crisis And You CAN Learn the Skills You Need to Help Your Child Thrive.

No more missing important events because you will have taught your child the tools they need to THRIVE in school and other social situations.

No more worrying about whether your child is getting bullied, because you have shown them how amazing and special they are so NOTHING anyone says to them hurts them.

No more crappy feeling in the pit of your stomach, because YOU know that you are doing the best you can and have the skills to teach, model and support your child to handle anxiety.

No more arguing with your partner about how the "best" way to handle your child's fears, because your using evidence-based strategies that have helped countless children.

No more dis-empowerment.  No more confusion.  No more self-blame.   

It's time to take action.
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More About Jennifer

Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Certified Child & Adolescent Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional & CEO of The Mindful Family is passionate about supporting families to heal from burnout, manage anxiety and become resilient.

Jennifer’s years of experience as a clinical social worker and her own personal healing journey gives her a unique ability to support others in living their best life.

You can learn more and read success stories HERE.


Does signing up for this program mean that Jennifer is my or my child's therapist?

No.  Jennifer will not be diagnosing your child or having any sessions with them privately.  She is acting as a parenting coach ONLY.  If you would like to see Jennifer for individual therapy you can email her at

What if my child has ADHD, or another diagnosis?

This program ONLY addresses anxiety in children and helping parents to feel supported.  You will need to use your judgement around whether your child has the developmental capacity to learn and practice the skills I am teaching.  I would say they would be beneficial but you may have to implement them much more slowly.

What does BETA program mean?

This is the first time I am teaching this program. I have had great feedback on the content and the information that pertains to anxiety support is evidence based, but this is the first time I am combining the information I am sharing.  Therefore I will be asking for feedback to make improvements along the way.  Informed consent is VERY important to me and I want to be very clear that this is a brand new offer, which is why there are NO testimonials included on this page.  If you want to learn more about what other people say about my work you can visit this PAGE

When can I sign up for this program?

Anytime.  Since this is a 1-1 program you can sign up whenever you are ready.

The minute you make your purchase you will get immediate access to the classes and sent information about how to book your 1-1 call which you can schedule ASAP.