Anxiety-Proof Kids Parent Alliance by Jennifer Bronsnick

Anxiety-Proof Kids Parent Alliance

"WE hold the KEY to Helping Our Kids THRIVE"

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It's 10pm when you finish watching Netflix & checking your Facebook feed. You get settled into bed and just as your eyes begin to close your mind starts firing off all the things that are bothering you. You have thoughts like....

"What is this world coming to?  How do I make sure my child isn't too messed up by this crisis?  How can I give them all the tools they need and not burnout myself?"

"Is this normal behavior or something I should address?"

"What if I'm passing anxiety on to my kids? I really don't want them to suffer like I have."  

"Parenting feels so hard right now?!"

You Are NOT Alone!

Most parents don't feel like they know how to support their child to have good coping skills and resiliency.  They also feel exhausted and overwhelmed by everything on their plate.  With the state of our world and living in a culture of fear, of course you feel like it's too much to handle!

The Anxiety-Proof Kids Parent Alliance was created so that parent's can have a nurturing + safe space to learn these skills and feel supported by an expert.   It is where you can get the tools you need in just minutes a day rather than hours in therapy.  

Our mission to to teach parents the skills they need to BOTH prevent anxiety disorders in children and teens, as well as address it at home if anxiety becomes a problem.

We will also hold your hand if it gets to the point where getting therapeutic support is called for.

You Don't Have To...

Feel isolated or alone.
Think that you're a crappy Mom.
Feel like you don't have your shit together.
Stay up worrying about whether your kid will be ok.
Feel hopeless about your child's meltdowns or fears.

I promise there is HOPE for your family and for our world.

The Support You Desire is a Click Away

You could read tons of books, take parenting classes or classes on how to manage anxiety, listen to countless podcasts and spend hours in therapy. 

Or you can join the Alliance where you will learn the foundational steps you need to take in order to raise a mentally healthy & resilient child in only minutes each day.

In the Anxiety-Proof Kids Parent Alliance you get connected to other concerned parents, just like you, who are doing their best and who are tired of figuring this out on their own.

A year of family therapy can cost thousands of dollars, but I believe that parents shouldn't have to choose between taking a vacation or getting the support they need.
"I am still amazed by the eye opening lessons that have naturally unfolded because of the nurturing environment Jen has created.  The 1-on-1 calls also add so much value to my membership.  I love getting Jennifer's expert perspective on the challenges I experience with my children.  These sessions have helped me stay confident in my choices through the craziness of parenting."
Katie K. Saginaw, MI

It takes a village to raise a child.

Please know that when you join the alliance you will no longer have to carry all of stress of parenting yourself.  Breathe and allow in the support you need to reclaim peace in your heart and your home.
"I have learned so much about myself that has helped me shape my responses and reactions. I have learned what methods work for me naturally and what don’t. I have learned to say NO more and conserve my sanity and energy! Based on understanding my human design I have learned to identify the opportunities that are right for me. This has saved a lot of energy and frustration."

S.P. Basking Ridge, NJ
" I love the mindfulness tools that help us on our journey as well as the support that we offer one another. I also love that the group is always there as a sounding board for any ideas, worries, concerns, or inspirations. The fact that this particular group of women is so supportive and nonjudgmental is very special."
L.G. Livingston, NJ

"Parents who have the knowledge of how they can support their child with worry or anxiety are more important then ever before. You CAN Learn the Skills You Need to Help Your Child Thrive; Without Spending Years in Therapy or Taking Medications."

~Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW
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Meet Your Guide

Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Certified Child & Adolescent Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional & CEO of The Mindful Family is passionate about supporting families to heal from burnout, manage anxiety and become resilient. 

Jennifer’s years of experience as a clinical social worker and her own personal healing journey gives her a unique ability to support others in living their best life.


Is The Alliance right for me?

If you...
👉Are a parent to wants to feel confident that you will have the skills you need to help your child navigate the ups AND downs in life
👉Are a parent who is worried about your child's worries and ready to invest in information and support
👉Are open to Human Design, Emotional Freedom Technique and willing to invest a few minutes a week to learning how to help your child cope.
👉Are longing to find a place where you can share your parenting struggles and give support to others.
👉Are ready to be part of a community where moms actually support each other and cheer one another on....

💞Then YOU are invited to join us! 👭

What age child will this information be best for?

The content in this program is designed to support parents to give them the knowledge and support they need to help their child (and themselves). The skills will be helpful for children of all ages to learn.  

What if my child has other diagnoses, like ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorder, etc; will this program be helpful?

This program ONLY addresses anxiety in children and helping parents to feel supported.  You will need to use your judgement around whether your child has the developmental capacity to learn and practice the skills I am teaching.  I would say they would be beneficial but you may have to implement them much more slowly.

When will I get access?

Within minutes after signing up you will receive an email with your username and password to login to your account.

Once you login, you’ll be able to access and download all the current items straight away. And then whenever we release a new item, we’ll send you an email to let you know it’s ready for you to download.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew one month from the time you signed up to avoid interruptions with your service.  

What if I want to cancel?

No problem. YOU are in control of your account.

With that said, cancelling is easy. Simply login to your account and cancel your billing agreement.  

While we hope you’ll stay, it’s imperative to us that you are happy. Our client care team will happily help you with your account and billing.