Parenting by Design

If raising happy and healthy children is your priority then this course is for you. Learn how your child's unique energy impacts the way you parent them along with how to help develop their resiliency and growth mindset.
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VIP Sessions with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW

Get access to 1-1 support from Jennifer as part of her Thriving Mama Blueprint Program. Your investment includes an Advanced Human Design Reading (60 minutes face to face) and five 30-40 minute sessions, which will all take place over Zoom.
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Thriving Mama Blueprint: Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit From Burnout

Mama, Are you feeling depleted, overwhelmed or anxious?? You are NOT alone! This 12-week program has been specifically designed to help you to take care of yourself so YOU can feel GREAT again.
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9 Human Design Centers Unlocked

Unlock all 9 Human Design centers so you can start THRIVING, I have a very special one-time offer for you... today you can get access to all 9 centers for only $27 (reg $97). You will get immediate access to all 9 Human Design Centers including: 9 Audio Trainings that you can download and listen to anytime and at your convenience. 9 Sets of Journaling Questions for Each Center to support you in unlocking your highest potential. 9 Sets of Affirmations to support you in aligning to your soul's purpose and authentic self. I have spent years decoding Human Design and have created this in a way to make it easy for you to start your own journey with Human Design and to start living a life that feels good.
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Loving Your Human Design

Are you ready to dive into learning more about your Human Design? This course will give you a good overview of your type, strategy, the 9 energy centers, and profiles. New content will be added regularly.
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Thriving Mama: Business By Human Design

This course will help you to understand how to use your Human Design strategy to grow your business without burning out.
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Advanced Human Design Reading

Looking to understand your life purpose? Parent with confidence? This reading includes charts for your immediate family and a 60-minute recorded session with Jennifer Bronsnick.
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Burnout to Bliss: Unlocking Your Unique Energy for Well-Being

In our culture we are led to believe that to be a “good” mom we need to put our children’s and family’s needs as our #1 priority; even if it means putting ourselves on the back burner. When you add in sleepless nights, raising a child with any kind of difficulty (they all have one), plus work or volunteering, it’s a perfect recipe for maternal burnout. Let's change that.
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Holistic Wellness Package with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW

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Thriving Mama Society

Welcome to the Thriving Mama Movement! Life is challenging. Motherhood is really challenging. There isn't a parenting book or motherhood 101 class that can prepare you for all the skills you will need during your time as “mom”. Your children push your buttons NOT because they were sent here to drive you crazy; but because they are here to help you grow and learn more about yourself. There is so much at stake when we don't take care of our health or have effective coping skills. We could end up sick, pass our fears down to our children, or miss out on the pure enjoyment of life. That is why most essential parenting tools you will ever master are learning how to take care of yourself & nurturing self-awareness so you have the wisdom to know which things you can change and which things to accept. In each of these Units you will find classes and resources for you to experiment with your Human Design, Healing from Burnout, EFT, Improving Your Relationships and Cultivating Well-Being. These tools can raise your energetic vibration and make motherhood (AND LIFE) easier. Remember that change happens in a moment. Once we make the decision to transform our life, miracles can occur. Take your time going through this information and feel free to jump around to what you are needing right now.
Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW, CMHIMP (Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner) & CEO of The Mindful Family is passionate about supporting moms to heal from burnout & anxiety, to follow their passions and how to be resilient. 
Jennifer believes that in understanding your unique energy and figuring out the root cause of struggle is the key to well-being.  Jennifer’s years of clinical experience as a clinical social worker and her own personal healing journey gives her the unique ability to guide individuals on their path to health and wellness.